Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

Cranberry Lake, NJ
United States
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EYRT500 Yoga teacher and trainer, Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy author JoAnn Jones is a Full Professor of Kinesiology and Dance, an advanced Pilates teacher and Hatha Yoga Instructor (Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado and the Himalayan Institute, Pa.). Her degrees in Dance (NYU) and Movement Education (Kansas University) and experience as a professional dancer, choreographer, and movement educator led her to authorship of the Anatomy of Exercise & Movement by Lotus Publishing. Her 2nd book, THE VITAL PSOAS MUSCLE was released in August 2012. The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy was published in 2015. Over 50,000 books have been sold in 9 different languages.
She has taught throughout the country, in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Prague, France, and Costa Rica. Believing that knowledge of the body is a pathway to health and healing is Jo Ann’s main focus in all teachings. She is a member and CE instructor for Yoga Alliance, the International Assoc. of Dance Medicine & Science and PAMA, the Performing Arts Medicine Assoc., plus Idea Fitness. She sponsors international holistic retreats and has developed , an interactive website to inspire people to “keep moving”!

She currently teaches 200 hr, 100 hr and CE Teacher Trainings in Costa Rica with Irum Naqvi, as well as in NJ, Colorado, and the South of France. She is a member of the Himalayan Institute and Yoga International, where she completed her 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training.
Jo Ann presents on-line Psoas courses through Yoga International.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

20 Reviews

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Respected, Friendly, Fantastic Teacher

Jo Ann is a wonderful instructor, she is very knowledgeable and takes the time to relay this information to her students. She always treats everyone with respect and is never judgmental. She is admired, respected and embodies the life of yoga.

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Thoroughly inspirational!

Jo Ann is a wonderful presence to follow in yoga; her anatomical knowledge and attention to detail serve to deepen the practice and help it keeping it all grounded. Additionally, Jo Ann is quite open to discuss life experiences and the ways that yoga has impacted them. All in all you couldn't ask for a better guide!

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Joanne is a excellent, experienced, knowledgeable yoga teacher.
I look forward to attending her classes again.

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Very knowledgeable

Jo Ann taught a seminar which I attended. She is incredibly knowledgeable on the "nuts and bolts" aspects of the human body, a subject of which I have struggled as a yoga instructor over the years. She was clear and concise, friendly and personable. I have used the material from the seminar as a reference many times. If she taught again in my area again, I would attend..

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Can't say enough good things!

Jo Ann has been my instructor for years! She is very knowledgeable about movement, body structure, ways to eliminate pain/discomfort, and is considerate of your individual needs. She always has something new & fun to add to the session so it never gets boring! All around awesome person & teacher!

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Jo Ann great yoga & anatomy teacher

Jo Ann is very friendly and eager to help you learn, she is a natural teacher and i always felt that she was knowledgeable and skilled in her field. She is patient and helps students to the best of her ability, always with a smile :)

Jo Ann was my yoga and anatomy teacher for a yoga teacher training I attended in Costa Rica.

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Knowledge, professionalism, experience . . .

Jo Ann encourages students at all levels to learn the benefits of Yoga. Her friendly and warm personality invites beginners as well as those at higher levels of experience.

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Jo Ann is a superior teacher and a very knowledgable woman. I have her to thank for molding and shaping my life and career!

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An awesome Lady...

JoAnn LOVES to teach and share her knowledge, energy and passion with all her students. She is an awesome lady!

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Insightful and Experienced

I participated in a workshop with Jo Ann in Costa Rica. She was insightful and experienced. Her knowledge of anatomy is particularly excellent.

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Beginners Luck

JoAnn was one of my first yoga teacher and truely inspired me to love yoga and to find myself in my practice..she is very knowledgeable about the body physically and how it relates spiritually to your practice ... I have sinced moved away but because of her I continue to practice yoga on a regular basis and will be ever grateful for her instruction and above all her friendship ... Miss her classes very much as she was always positive and on point with her feed back
One of the BEST

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Excellent! Loved Jo Ann

I never enjoyed yoga as much as I did with Jo Ann. I had a bout with Breast Cancer and have been away for awhile. Need to get back to it!

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Incredible Knowledge & Amazing Instruction!

Jo Ann's commitment to body work and yoga is like none other! Her knowledge of anatomy and background in dance creates for a very thorough and well-rounded practice that is adaptable to all skill levels, is focused on precise movement and adjustment and is ultimately, a VERY fun class to share!!

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Amazing movement, yoga and Pilates teacher

Joann is an expert and establish author on body movement. She teaches yoga worldwide. She was my personal trainer for about 19 months. Her knowledge of yoga and body alignment makes her a one in a million teacher. If you are offered an opportunity to work with her , jump at the chance. You will love it.

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Incredible teacher

JoAnn is a highly qualified instructor. Not only is she a GREAT teacher , but a genuine person and friend to many of her students. She truly loves life and loves what she does.

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love her classes and retreats

Always a joy to be in one of JoAnn's classes. She is a very experienced yoga teacher who brings a light and energy to her teaching.
Have also been on her retreats, which are so relaxing, and a delightful time with other women.

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JoAnns the Greatest

JoAnn has taught me so much, in life, dance, and yoga! She is an excellent teacher for both novice and experienced students. Her knowledge of the body is unsurpassed!

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Kindred Spirit

Joann's always smiling & her warm cheerful spirit radiates. Love her style of gentle yoga always reminding students to listen to their own body and do what feels comfortable. A true kindred Spirit:)

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Yoga Teacher Training-Kula Studio, Stanhope NJ

I have recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Jo Ann and Irum Naqvi. Right before the training was to begin, I had become mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically drained dwelling in a dark place. In the beginning, there were many weekends where I did not think I was going get through the training. With the support, encouragement, knowledge, and guidance of Jo Ann and Irum, I was able to finish my training capturing a renewed spirit and physical well being.


My transformation would not have happened without Jo Ann's and Irum's deep love and expertise of yoga practice and philosophy.

Words cannot express my gratitude to having these two amazing people in my life who have shared the knowledge and tools required to guide others with beginning a yoga journey. Namaste - Pat Lanciano