Jo Ozden


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I am a freedom seeker, anatomy fascinated, laugh and life loving Junky. My practice that I love to share comes from my own life experiences, of grief, curing the disease Rosacea on my face that I suffered from for 13 years, self sabotage and without them all I wouldn't be able to share and offer what I love. I have learned that changes in our lifestyle and habits can have a massive magical effect on our life and happiness, and I love sharing with you all, in a perfect piece of paradise just steps from the ocean.

Join me for a week or two or breath-centered yoga that will grow your yoga practice in our easy going, chilled, sunny environment. I love to encourage people to move in a way that feels great in their body and yoga practice as you allow your breath to guide you so you can reap the profound effects it has on your whole being taking your yoga practice deeper than you ever thought possible. This way of moving will give you a greater appreciation of your unique body that organically wakes up your desires and excitement for life. Dissolving and releasing inner and outer body tension, increasing flexibility, building strength, self-focus for a total body and mind connection stepping you into your power to live an enjoyable, fulfilled happy life.


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