Jo Stephens

East sussex
United Kingdom

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My yoga journey has been long and interesting and a bit bumpy at times. It started a good 20 years ago. I had known since my late teens that I should be getting on the mat but somehow I just couldn't get it together. Couldn't give myself the time. Head racing too much, full of frustration. Eventually, I got myself a book and continued the path of exasperation by attempting to learn poses and worst of all shavasana on my own in a cold room from, what turned out to be, not the best book! I knew I had to keep going though. At least I have perseverance in my make up. I found that if a banged out the poses by the end I was so exhausted that my chattering brain shut up for a while - by a while, I mean maximum of a minute but it was a start and a glimpse into what could be. At last I found a teacher and things started to move forward a little faster. It was never about the postures for me; always about the head. I wanted to be able to relax and to be and to enjoy the now without manically needing to reach and fix the future. I wanted to accept and enjoy and not always strive to solve and mend and For years people had been saying I should do my teacher training. I started giving friends little sequences to help them with specific problems and doing some small group work. I didn't really have the time or money to undertake the teacher training and then a few things happened to rock my world and I decided to go for it. So in July 2016 I enrolled on a Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga teacher training intensive in Spain. And so my teaching became

I have always loved nature, every bit of it. I believe in respecting everything we share our world with so that all things can have space to be and breathe. I am a gardener whose focus is wildlife and the provision of habitats for creatures to flourish. I believe that the yoga path/philosophy and a love and respect for the wild are inextricably linked.


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