jo stephens

East Sussex
United Kingdom

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My style of teaching is unique; formed from the years of individual practice & the profound knowledge of some incredible teachers.
I have over 25 years yoga experience. In that time, I have studied lots of different styles and have picked (what I think are) the best bits….
For me, yoga is about ownership and responsibility; mindfulness, acceptance and kindness.
It is about moving in a way that is helpful; being able to tune into your own body and mind and do what is right for you at that particular moment.
As a teacher my aim is to help people do just that. So that my students are empowered to listen to their bodies and move accordingly. Brilliantly, if we approach yoga properly, it is necessarily non-competitive. It just doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or can do. We are all different so what we need to do will be different. Only you know what you are feeling and what feels ok and what doesn’t.
Mostly, people seem to think yoga is about flexibility, it is a bit I guess, but it’s so much more besides. It’s about giving yourself space, in mind and body. It’s about building strength and functional range of movement. It’s about accepting your body’s limit and working with kindness so that progression is steady and safe and useful. It is about working with the body’s nervous system responses and finding an easy path back to relaxation. Yoga encourages you to be present which decreases anxiety and stress.
All of these things help us to function better. They can translate into the real world so that we can remain calm, think clearly, improve decision making, be more efficient, sit & move comfortably, build positive relationships and frankly be more content.
Yoga is a way of life.
Above all, I want help people to develop a sustainable & enjoyable practice.
I believe that yoga should be attainable for everyone & offer classes to suit all, ranging from beginners to dynamic, Yin, restorative & 1:1.
And to top it Yoga inspired travel and adventure.


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