Joan Heartfield

Haiku, HI
United States

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Joan Heartfield, author of Romancing The Beloved, A Sacred Sexual Adventure into Love. She is co-director of Talking Hearts, a juicy, heart centered approach to sacred sexuality, communication, relationships and spiritual evolution. She and her husband Tomas facilitate workshops and vacation healing retreats for singles and couples in Maui. They counsel and teach using Heart Intelligence, Holotropic Breathwork, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, and Taoist and Tantric yoga practices.
They originated Romancing the Beloved, an expansive, nourishing and uplifting experience, to empower the essence and ecstasy of divine intimacy for both singles and couples, and Opening to Love Ceremonies, an ecstatic modern ritual soiree that opens the door to heart and soul connections. From 1994-2012 they directed The Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Institute, training hundreds of students around the world in sacred sexual education.
They feel blessed to be in a deep and loving relationship since 1995 where they vowed to 'love each other as perfectly as we can.'

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