Joana Peciule


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After years of intensive yoga training, my work related relocations around the world inspired me to live and embody Yoga off the mat: this way it was brought to the United Nations staff, diplomats as well as the less fortunate ones. In 2012 I opened a boutique studio in Melbourne, and since 2014 – a progressive yoga studio in the heart of Vilnius downtown, that offers a synthesis of westernised yoga styles and yoga therapy, with an emphasis on asana alignment and a skilful art of skilful hands-on and hands-off adjustments. Profound background in martial arts and dancings helps me to reveal the students a deep understanding of the kinetics of the bodies and body-mind connection.

In the meantime I have further deepened my alignment knowledge with senior Iyengar school teachers around the world: Rita Keller (Germany), Manuoso Mano (USA), Nicky Knoff, Glen Ceresolli (Australia), Elena Ulamasbajeva (Russia), Peter Scott (Australia). I learned liquidity and flow with Shiva Rea (USA, India), Simon Park (Australia), Simon Borg-Olivier (Australia), had a chance to attend workshops of Andrey Sidersky (Yoga 23 system, Russia), Sergey Michailov (Russia). My sincere gratitude to all younger teachers in Melbourne, who guided and enriched my personal practice and teaching skills.


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