Joanna Baker

West yorkshire
United Kingdom

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Over the years wherever I went, whatever I did I kept coming back to yoga, every time I did I felt I'd come home. I'd stray and return, stray and return. Being in a studio, being on a mat always felt good to me, always felt right wether practising a dynamic, challenging flow sequence or spending half a class surrendering in child's pose. I love the feeling of connection, I love discovering what the body can do, I love the focus, I love the playfulness and I love the variety!

I flew to Washington DC in 2012 after being drawn to a teacher, Faith Hunter, I went to spend a month immersed in yoga and all that DC had to offer, I returned after the most incredible month of my life both in and out of the studio, and began teaching, I continue to teach and learn. My style evolves according to the practise I am following and the students who come to me, they are as much my teachers as the instructors of the classes I attend.

I love witnessing people discovering yoga and the different benefits it can bring. I encourage students to FEEL what's right for them through their own experience and take what THEY need from each practise. I invite people to practise with a light heart and to release judgement or expectations of themselves.


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