Joanna Reay

North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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Joanna Reay - Principal Instructor of Spirit of Pilates

Joanna was first introduced to the benefits of Pilates through the positive experiences of friends, who had gained significant health benefits with Pilates. Originally taking up Pilates as a method to tone up her body, she discovered that not only did it change the shape of her body in a very short time, but it released all the tension that she had been storing for years in her shoulders, neck and lower back. It was this experience, together with Joanna’s desire to find a career which involved helping others improve their health and overall well- being, which led to her enrolling on an intensive matwork and apparatus course with Rachel Rafiefar, a third generation teacher taught by Alan Herdman and founder member of the Pilates Foundation.

Joanna is passionate about teaching Pilates, and is keen to further her knowledge in rehabilitation and other holistic therapies. She hopes that Pilates will have a positive impact on the lives of everyone who comes to the studio, by helping them to increase their self-awareness; to develop a healthier, happier body; and to move with poise, strength, and vitality.


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