Jodi Cronyn

London, ON

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“Never get so caught up in being a teacher that you forget to be a student.” This was the most important lesson anyone has ever taught me. My journey with yoga began 14 years ago, when I first stepped onto a mat in a tiny little studio that smelled of sandalwood. At that time in my life, folding in half and chaturangas weren’t really an issue, and so the physical practice of yoga came easily. It was the mind that challenged me. Over the years, and many non yoga-related injuries later, my body has more limitations, but my mind has strengthened greatly. I completed my yoga teacher training four years ago, and have gone on to teach workshops and host retreats internationally, as well as teach regular practice here in London. My teaching style is a hybrid of hatha, foundations, vinyasa flow, yin, meditation, and therapeutic. Calling on inspiration from my trainings in Registered Massage Therapy, Reiki, and Nature Ceremony, I lead practice that is dynamic, yet suitable for all levels and abilities. My biggest belief is that everyone can practice yoga, you just need a willingness to learn. Flexibility doesn’t always mean touching your toes – sometimes it means learning to accept yourself just as you are, in each and every moment. Much love.


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