Jody Emerson Quintana

Monterey, CA
United States

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I teach yoga and Nutrition, and practice massage and Reiki. Health of the body, mind and spirit is not just a luxury, but a necessity for a functional and expansive life. Taking care of the body is the foundation not only of physical health, but of emotional and spiritual well-being as well. I practice sound nutrition, yoga and spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation to enhance my connection to the Divine. It is my hope and prayer that I be used as a channel to help others also deepen their connection with Self and the greater good.

As a yoga teacher, I lead a fairly gentle, Hatha yoga practice, suitable for most anyone. If needed, I can instruct chair yoga and yoga for seniors, as well. I love to make yoga accessible to those would might not otherwise consider themselves capable of doing yoga postures. Yoga is more than just the postures; breath work and meditation are vital components of this ancient, spiritual practice.

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