Joe Kara

Hollywood, CA
United States

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Yoga is a path to health, self awareness, and life enrichment. Los Angeles based yoga and meditation instructor Joe Kara assists practitioners of all levels in accessing these benefits. Through a stimulating, breath-based physical practice integrated with thoughtful alignment attention and informative adjustments, he presents people with the tools of the yoga practice, thus helping them uncover and expand into strength, capacity, possibility, and vitality.

Joe infuses his classes with a calm and grounded presence, and clear communication of instructions. He offers intelligent posture sequencing designed to safely and gradually open and strengthen the body. Joe fervently believes one of his most primary responsibilities is to create a safe space for students to explore their physical body, mind, and spirit while utilizing yoga to skillfully navigate challenge, both on and off the mat, with grace and thoughtful response.

Be it group classes, workshops, private one-on-one instruction tailored to the individual's needs, or intimate yoga retreat settings around the world, Joe is honored to offer yoga and meditation experiences hat help grow self knowledge, mental presence, and healthy physicality.


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