Joe Sparks

Perrysburg, OH
United States

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I created Joe’s Yoga and Fitness because I wanted everyone to experience a place that is inviting, innovative, and offers a sustainable fitness approach!

This approach to teaching yoga has developed over decades as a fitness and wellness instructor and is influenced by my experiences of mastering a diversity of body centered activities including: varied athletics; performing as a member of a modern dance company; working as a massage therapist for 22 years; and competing for 13 years as runner and triathlete. My ultimate goal is to help our students experience a vastly improved quality of life!

My personal yoga journey started with my first yoga class in 1976! In 1990 I began practicing yoga in earnest and quickly understood the value of yoga for my mind and body -- especially for meeting the physical challenges of aging. Eight years later, inspired to share yoga with others, I became a 200 RYT Certified Instructor in the Sivananda tradition. After teaching in various locations around the Toledo area, I moved my studio to its current Perrysburg location in 2004.

Always innovating, my studio became the first Hot Yoga studio in the Toledo Metro Area in 2009! After teaching classical yoga for 15 years, I encountered the YogAlign® method, which opened my eyes to the importance of practicing proper biomechanics for long-term joint stability. So, in 2013 I re-certified as a YogAlign® Instructor at Kauai Yoga School in Hawaii. Now my approach to teaching yoga is focused on emphasizing stability and mobility over extreme flexibility in a non-competitive, self-healing, mindful environment.

Along side my yoga journey, in 2001 I trained with Dr. Romanov, creator of POSE Method Running-- which focuses on injury prevention thru proper running form. I certified as one of his first Running Technique Specialists and began coaching runners of all ages. Looking for a tool to help people who were challenged to correct over-striding in their running gate, I invented the EZ Run Belt, which was endorsed by Dr. Romanov and has had three scientific studies validating it’s effectiveness. Used worldwide by runners and triathletes to improve performance and recover from injuries, it has recently gained the attention of the US Military for injury rehabilitation.

In 2005, I trained in and began teaching Russian Kettlebells– a weight training method that provides a full-body workout using dynamic moves that target almost every aspect of fitness – strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance, providing full body integration and core stabilization. The dynamics of Kettlebells provide a good compliment to the slow breath-controlled movement in YogAlign®.

My mission is to offer all these forms of low-impact functional fitness as an antidote to the stressors of modern living for a long and healthy life while helping people build confidence, slow down the aging process and enjoy being with each other!


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