John Florian

Sacramento, CA
United States

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John took his first vinyasa yoga class from a friend in 2007 after losing much weight and wanting to touch his toes. Thinking that yoga was all about stretching, he was surprised at the amount of strength and discipline the practice required. With effort and dedication to the practice, he eventually reconnected with his toes - and himself - which inspired him to start teaching in 2009.

He has witnessed yoga’s ability to heal the body, mind, and soul in himself and his students over the years. As a massage therapist and student of anatomy, he adds his knowledge of the body into his sequencing and alignment suggestions. His approach to teaching starts with the breath, then focuses on keeping the body safe and healthy through emphasis on personal alignment, encouraging each student to modify poses to avoid injury. John’s classes are meant to be challenging to allow students room to grow in their practice. His quirky sense of humor and eclectic musical taste add a fun twist to 
his classes.


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