John Guchua


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I came into the world of yoga in 2009 after following a friend to class. After more than a decade of contemporary dance training, I was looking for a new transition into a different type of practice and adventure. I was instantly inspired by the positively therapeutic vibrations brought through the practice of yoga as well as the connection it generated between both body and mind.
i strive to make my classes enjoyable through thoughtful arrangement melding artistic and therapeutic methods, tempos and pacing guided by the flows of Baptiste power vinyasa yoga and kundalini yoga. Through such methods, I emphasise proper anatomical alignment, focused breath, flexibility of mind and body, and an awareness of yogic philosophy. Within classes, I hope to intentionally provide an open space for my students to quiet the mind and strengthen the body to cultivate a transformative experience. My classes are ideal for everyone, from seasoned practitioners to those just starting out. Ultimately, I encourage and empower my students to tune in and connect with themselves, to create an increased physical and personal awareness.


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