John Johnson

Brighton VIC

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After graduating from Teacher Training at the Stress Management Center of Marin and further training at Loyola Marymount University in Yoga Therapy, (YTRx), John's been helping clients with sports-related injuries, asthma, stroke, anxiety, post-surgery complications and technology-induced stress.

He is a certified yoga teacher, certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), and Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher with 20 years experience in Martial Arts and Healing Qi Gong.

John currently teaches at several studios in and around Melbourne, Australia and hosts workshops around the world. Please visit our website for details on classes and workshops.

John also brings a unique perspective on how to maintain balance in the demanding, fast-paced corporate world; having owned a digital media company. In this age of constant connectivity John invites clients to "take the foot off the accelerator" and create a more mindful, balanced life.

John draws on his knowledge from personal experiences with stress management and navigating the age of constant connectivity, carpal tunnel, asthma, cancer and respiratory conditions, lower back problems, and knee and shoulder injuries.

Combining ancient yogic principles, western medical knowledge and healing martial arts practices, John helps clients with:

Focus and awareness
Musculoskeletal imbalances
Increasing range-of-motion
Flexibility and strength
Shallow or strained breathing
Stress management and longevity
Creating a mindful and balanced life


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