John Ocampo

Puerto Viejo
Costa Rica

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John Jairo Ocampo, professional Ayurveda, Therapist, graduated from Tapovan Center, France.
Born in 1965 and growing up in Colombia, John Jairo made a point of helping others and sharing his healing gift with the people around him, from an early stage in his life.
He moved to Switzerland at the age of 19 where he joined the First-Aid association and became the president of the local branch. He also enrolled in the volunteer fire-fighters of his village at the age of 23. He was in charge of the first-aid training for 10 years.
During a short stay in the south of India in 2002, he got the first approach with the Ayurveda and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to this philosophy. Shortly after his return to Europe, he started his training and was soon recognised as an intuitive therapist by both his teachers and his peers. In 2005, he opened a successful Ayurvedic practice within a yoga center of the Geneva region.
John Jairo Ocampo moved to the Caribbean region of Costa Rica in 2007. Locals and visitors may now enjoy the great benefits of his Ayurvedic treatments.
In 2007 John was working at Samasati Yoga Retreat and in Cahuita at The Goddess Garden Yoga Retreat, Kenaki Lodge, Playa Negra Guest House. Magellan Inn, El Encanto. In Puerto Viejo he was working at the Hotel Banana Azul, Cabinas Jacaranda, Hotel La Costa de Papito, Pure Jungle Spa.
In San Jose he is part of the Scholler’s Homeopatic Clinic as Ayurveda Therapist where he still has his studio.
Actually he live in Puerto Viejo, still offering his service in Cahuita and Puerto Viejo área, and he is open to expande his network.


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