John Watson

Prescott, AZ
United States

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John’s Instructional Style and Philosophy:

The practice of Hatha and Iyengar style Yoga can be beneficial to any person regardless of their age or the state of their physical, mental or emotional health. At Yoga’s basic beginning and simplest level highly trained athletes, week-end athletes, sedimentary individuals and seniors who may not have a regular exercise program can all benefit from the stretching and balancing of the body. The physical aspect of Yoga improves strength, agility and confidence and can be practiced by the very fit and those with limitations and disabilities. The breath work involved in the practice of Yoga helps improve both the physical function of the body as well as balances and centers the mind, the central nervous system and emotions of the student. Yoga traditions and practices also contain philosophical and spiritual aspects to help a student become more accepting, forgiving and grateful in the search for greater happiness and enlightenment. A student’s ability to manifest life improves physically, mentally, and emotionally can all be realized by learning and implementing a strong Yoga practice.


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