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ABOUT Jolanda Schoenmaker

Professional yoga and meditation breathing coach. since 1998

Provides group and private lessons in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Nidra, Prana Flow Yoga, Basic Alignment, Vijnana Yoga and Mindful Yoga.

Employed for the care and saving institution, Fleurage-Residences, Residence Hildebrand Haarlem, Yoga center Innerwork, Yoga studio curves and Yogastudio Velserbroek.
Teaching Yoga

Teaching yoga is a privilege. Teaching is sharing the same space, silence, energy, knowledge, peace and harmony.
Sharing and be with people is a big inspiration for me. When we listen together, we learn together .

The main principle in the asana's is grounding. The place where we stand, sit and be on the earth.
Where we feel the contact with the stable ground. We feel this grounding and at the same time, we can experience that it is actually the earth that gives us grounding and support us. This principle of grounding has an endless depth and is so rich in its knowledge. Your whole body can always be more relaxed on top of that body part that is in contact with the earth. This is how even complicated postures are feeling relaxed and looking easy. Than movement can become meditation.

In my classes meditation plays an important role for relaxing our body and mind.

I work with 3 basic elements.

1 slowing down
2 doing less
3 breathing more

The slowing down and doing less, creates the slowing of the breath and heart rhythm that is essential for the mind that gives us direction in the asanas ( postures ), but almost as if the direction of the body occurs within itself. That's why movement can become meditation.
By feeling and listening, we can begin to experience some inner energies and relaxation, the brief moments of feeling Samadhi or enlightenment.

Meditation is a systematic structured practice that directs our mind gently more and deeper inward. learning to direct our awareness to specific places in the body, bringing us peace and clarity of mind. Meditation teaches us to focus our mind on specific places and spaces in the body.

It is a systematic structured practice which guide our mind gently and deeper inward.
Through our senses we bring our mind first to the outer layer, our body.
Then to the middle of the body, the spinalcolum. Then to the space in the middle of the rib cage.
To continue our journey to the center of consciousness. This is beyond our body, breath and mind. Beyond thoughts, views, opinions and judgments. Beyond the horizon. Beyond all imaginable. Beyond ...... space, beyond .... time, beyond .....
To become One.

Traditionally, Yoga (Sanskrit: union) has referred to the realization through direct experience of the preexisting union between Atman and Brahman, Jivatman and Paramatman, and Shiva and Shakti, or the realization of Purusha standing alone as separate from Prakriti. Yoga is the realization of union between the microcosm of individuality with the macrocosm of universality. Quote from Swamij.

I hope to inspire you on your path to yoga and welcome to join one of my classes or workshops.


I Would like to thank all the teachers whom I've met and not yet met. Specially thanks to Swami Ma tri and Swamij.

Om shant shanti shanti




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