Jolene Andrews

Marlborough, CT
United States

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I started practicing yoga when it was offered to me as a gift. I had tried all the different types of exercises, gyms, home videos, etc ... and nothing really fit. I couldn't commit. The first time I ever walked into that studio and practiced Yoga for the first time, I knew that was it for me. I loved the peace of the place itself, so warm and welcoming. The way the teachers were able to truly get me to relax which is something that is not easy. I was one to suffer with anxiety 24/7. The overwhelming feeling of being so relaxed afterwards ( I actually fell asleep during one class ), and the many many many benefits that came with yoga. I fell in love. I have healed so many ailments in my own body through the power of yoga that I became a strong believer in it's benefits. I look forward to sharing this gift with so many more!


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