Jolinda Cath


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Around 20 years ago I made my first steps into yoga and soon followed by Vipassana meditation, Thai massage and Reiki. Since then, I have expanded my knowledge and expertise in these fields.
Originally from Holland, I moved to Jordan 7 years ago and start teaching yoga since 5 years. The basic of the classes and retreats lies in Hatha yoga, and gets combined with awareness, mindfulness and meditation.
I have been inspired by many great teacher over the years and love to combine different styles of yoga as well with art and diving. .
With a background as creative therapist and social cultural worker, I love to coach and guide people in their own process and developments.
My love for traveling and working with people is expressed in guiding tours worldwide few times a year.

Photography is another passion I have and started my own company around 10 years ago. Next to photo shoots, I designed and guided different kind of (art) programs for various groups.

Although it may seem that my passions are very different for each other, for me they are very complementary; one inspires the other and creates the following. Like the union of body, mind and soul.


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