Jonathon Lewis

Siem Reap

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I am teaching and co-running the Ahimsa Academy, Siem Reap, Cambodia. I am from Liverpool, England, and began practicing Yoga in my late teens and during my University years and subsequently practiced Martial Arts and Qi Gong with the Lotus Nei Gong School in Wales and Sweden.

With the specific objective of understanding myself and increasing my self-awareness I have during the last year travelled through India and extended my Yoga practice with Buddhist Philosophy. I am a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor and taught Yoga Asana classes in Indonesia before joining the Ahimsa Academy.

My real desire in joining the Ahimsa Academy is to be part of something which will enable people to share my vision of healthy and enjoyable living in conjunction with disciplines which will change our way of life for ever, away from the short-term gratification of alcohol and drugs to a greater self-awareness and inner contentment.


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