Jonya Kennedy

Bristol, TN
United States

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Yoga to me is a journey. It is a way of life-not just a practice done at home or on a mat in a studio but a way to live. Honor your body, honor your maker, know your limits but always push yourself to be a better, stronger version of yourself. Yoga is also strength, health, hope and healing. I've found a way of life to be 'fit' not just physically but mentally healthy. 'Fit' from head to toe, in tune with my body, it's injuries, it's limits and it's possibilities. I am accepting of the body of I have and comfortable in my own skin. Yoga is calm and peace in a world full of chaos. I am now able to stop, breathe, listen, take in the good, exhale out the bad. I can hear and feel my breath moving in and out. I never knew how to calm my mind until I found yoga. I did not know all of these 'sensations and emotions' until yoga found me.


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