Jordana Carmel

Kensington, MD
United States

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Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist. I strongly believe in the Buddhist adage of filling your own cup, and from the overflow filling others (or helping them fill their own). It is in this way, we all get nourished, attain fulfillment , and are then energized to do what we are meant to do toward healing our world.

I'm passionate about finding creative ways to support motivated, busy people in developing personalized tools to restore balance and inner peace to their overly busy lives through yoga, nutrient dense foods, and overall lifestyle enhancement. These lasting changes lead to happier, healthier, more impassioned and productive lives, for our collective benefit.

At Holy Cross Hospital, I've taught community based yoga classes, in Silver Spring, Maryland since 2001. Additionally, I work on a military-based study using yoga to help heal chronic low back pain. Through implementing the principles of yoga, off the mat and into our world, we heal ourselves, our community, our planet -- we are all connected and have a purpose for being here, now.


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