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Hi, my name is Jos and I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 10.
Initially I practiced Ashtanga yoga as a means of balancing out the effects of kick-boxing and running. But eventually yoga became my main obsession! For me yoga is the perfect way to find joy in movement.
I did my teacher training in 2004-2005 at the Scarborough Yoga Centre with Morrison McQueen and studied Ashtanga for several years under the guidance of Robert Lucas.

In 2014 I completed my degree in Physiotherapy at Curtin Uni and as my understanding of the body grew I changed my practice. I no longer practice Ashtanga and instead I do a different practice every day as I believe that variety of movement and attention to the body's individual needs is a more mindful practice- for me anyway. I am also a qualified Strength & Conditioning coach.

Things that I think are important are :
Accessibility- I try really hard to make our classes accessible to all abilities and ages.
Fun- My classes do not take themselves too seriously. I do not teach in a traditional fashion.
Mindfulness- I don't like to preach at the class but I believe that by attending to the body and the movement during class you cultivate mindfulness without me harping on about it.
Positivity- If you get to class you are already amazing. Fact. Everything you do there is simply icing on the cake.

I also provide Physiotherapy appointments and PhysioYoga appointments in which I utilise a full musculoskeletal assessment to enable you to modify and advance your yoga practice according to your body's needs.

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