Jose Ferrero

San Luis Obispo, CA
United States

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Jose was born in Argentina and came to the states at 18 to get an education. he got a degree in International Relations and a minor on Visual arts. he later on studied filmaking at NYU, as far as possible from politices as well, and found himself woirking as a photographer and a film director and producer, catalyst to over 17 years of television work. Yoga was the mediator, the balance between a hectic paced job, and the passion for spirituallity, health, and over all, sanity. After 15 years of practice, he decided to quit television and become a facilitator of yoga. He got certified at Sivananda Ashram yoga in the Bahamas and and also coursed the advanced TTC bck in 2011
Jose has been teaching in Usa, Europe and the Americas. Fluent in five languages, loves nature and people, teaching and taking classes in different venues, disciplines and locations worldwide, trying to keep it simple


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