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Carrollton, TX
United States

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My Yoga—Bringing Healing to the World

My way of teaching the practice of Yoga is giving, listening, accepting, encouraging, empathizing, confronting, and participating in life alongside you, the student, with all of the joys and challenges it brings.

I am about what the most important thing to God is – people. The classes I teach are a safe home for all people, of all beliefs who simply love the physical practice of yoga. I decided a long time ago that I would serve people and leave the rest up to Him. I teach 100% world class yoga and 100% with the compassion of Christ. This compassion is what makes my yoga such a different experience than your average yoga class.

My goal is to build people’s sense of value and let them know that they are precious to God and to me. I give my students my best, just like God gave us His best. My heart is to offer people hope, dignity and the love of God, and sometimes it all starts with a yoga class. My “motivation” is to help bring healing to the world, one student at a time. Simply put, it’s about “loving you right where you are!”

I will help the student identify and remove those things that are hindering his or her growth, enter the life they were made for, discover their uniqueness in God, and learn how to be an influence in the world. I believe, through Joseph Stingley Yoga, that lives will be touched in unexpected ways that we –both teacher and student–would have never dreamed possible.

Mission Statement
Come As You Are
Be Transformed
Make a Difference

My hope and desire is that I am guiding and helping students to recognize what God has already put in their hearts and to help them find the courage to step out and embrace it.

I recognize that each student who will practice with me will be in a different place. I also recognize that God has a specific plan and purpose for each person’s life. The broad scope of my practice is simply a reflection of my heart to help people of all economic, social and ethnic backgrounds in Dallas/Fort Worth, including surrounding areas and around the world find the answers they need through the practice of yoga.

I am involved in the community. I give and serve with no strings attached. And, yes, that means serving the community even if they will never set foot inside a class I teach.

About Me

In the summer of 2003, I said goodbye to corporate America when I left my job as an Oracle Database Administrator. I started practicing yoga later that year and attended the Cooper Institute in Dallas, where I became a Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to the general Personal Trainer certification, I also received certifications targeting special population groups, including but not limited to pregnant women, individuals with diabetes, and older adults.

I started out by providing training to individuals in their home and offices; however, it wasn’t long before the burden of carrying equipment (medicine balls, fitness balls, hand weights, etc.) from one place to another proved to be an inefficient use of time and energy.

It was at this point that I took a closer look at yoga and saw that I could instruct and train individuals without the need for equipment. I could help clients become strong, flexible, and balanced –both inside and out–with the practice of yoga. Around that time, many of my clients needed the inner, healing workings of yoga as much as its physical benefits. They needed to reduce their stress level and bring a sense of peace and calm into their lives: something one finds in yoga but not necessarily in a traditional personal training session.

I began my practice of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga in 2003 at 24 Hour Fitness in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area under the leadership and mentoring of Julie Little Thorne and Patti Plummer Lott.

I’ve been teaching in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area since 2004 and enjoy fusing together the many wonderful influences I’ve had from teachers such as Steve Ross, Jessica Young Smith, Stephanie Yoga, Baron Baptiste, Rod Stryker, Beryl Bender Birch, Judith Hanson Lasater, Kelly Haas, Desiree Rumbaugh, Shanon Buffington, and everyone who has ever showed kindness, love and patience towards me. It is because of them that I’m inspired to teach and to deepen my knowledge and experience with my own personal practice. I am thankful for them all.

Inspired by the methods and techniques of each teacher I have studied under, I incorporate certain elements from each into my own practice and instruction. However, I give credit to the deepest of my mediation practice to Shanon Buffington.

The classes I teach tend to be vigorous and physically challenging, their actual power stems from each student’s personal experience. I encourage everyone to recognize that we are all blessed to be able to come together in a setting like this – giving and receiving of our energies and gifts. With that realization, we can release our expectations and prepare our hearts for the opportunity to be of service through unconditional love and devotion.

There is so much more that I could share with you! But there simply isn’t enough room to say it all. Daily, I ask God to reveal to me how I can serve people in my local community and state, in both the US and abroad. I ask Him how I can reach out and care in a way that will verbally and nonverbally demonstrate His love. There is not a perfect equation for anything that God calls us to do, but it’s always exciting to go after our destiny in Him!

Love you all! Joseph


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