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plattsburgh, NY
United States

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Joshua Garner yoga bio,
Before I started yoga an injury to my knee inspired me to start working out in general. I started with cycling, which led to running, which led to swimming and triathlon. After tiring of triathlon I eventually tired cross fit Plattsburgh’s program, which reminded me of when I was a champion power lifter in high school. I never lost a match in fact, winning two state championships and two national championships. But lifting came easy to me so no challenge was truly presented. And the same feeling came in cross fit. I have no desire for competition or wager so cross fit in the end wasn’t for me.
That’s when I started going to Hot Yoga Plattsburgh, now known as “Empower Fitness and Yoga”. I started with Bikram classes. Chelsea Varin and Robin Gucker were my main teachers as I learned how to deal with the 105 degree room and how my body reacted to the poses. After a year of practice I decided, with the encouragement of Chelsea and others, to take an introduction to teaching Bikram. Shortly after I started teaching Bikram classes of my own and gained so much confidence. Another year and a half I decided to take the teacher training through High Peaks Hot Yoga out of lake placid and Saratoga New York. Six months later I have deepened my practice far beyond where I imagined with the guidance and passion of Julie Bell and Cindy Lunsford.
Now as well as a full time job I teach three to five times a week for several studios as well as my private lessons I provide to individuals and groups. I cannot be more inspired by my practice and the practice of my students who trust me with guiding them through their yoga journey. There is still so much to learn!!
As an instructor:
• I promise to always speak the truth of what I teach, never teaching what I do not understand.
• I promise to be present mentally as well as physically to every class
• I promise to continue my personal practice
• I promise to keep the yoga space safe and calm
• I promise to promote yoga no matter where I is practiced, not valuing my personal gain over that of my students.
As a yoga student:
• I promise to listen to my instructor and ask questions
• I promise to listen to other students and treat their view as valid
• I promise to keep my yoga space safe and calm
• I promise to listen to my body, and not push it beyond where it is not ready, and to push myself when there is more to discover
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