Joshua Lewis

Toronto, ON
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Joshua is a yoga practitioner and teacher known for offering classes that encourage safe and compassionate inquiry into the pulsating experience of life – on and off the mat. His calm and supportive guidance is sought after by students of all level, age and life circumstance, knowing that he teaches humbly and with deep respect for each individual’s personal practice. He believes passionately that when we practice yoga, we are practicing for life and as such, each class is an opportunity to connect deeply with ourselves. On the mat, we develop an intimate relationship that allows us to heal, to grow and to transform.

Joshua guides his students with gentleness and precision. He desires for each student to feel that they can fully inhabit their practice, taking up residence in their physical bodies and feeling the surge of their energetic spirit. From here we endeavour to bring compassionate attention to the fluctuating realm of our mental and emotional experiences. We honour where we are – right now, right here – today.

Joshua began practicing yoga as a healing modality for a body strained by the demands of a life on stage. Dedicated from a young age to the art of movement and expression, Joshua ardently pursued a career in the theatre. This journey would eventually find him performing across the country. The practice of yoga became a unifying source of support and strength. He practiced for many years on his own in the safety of his bedroom (and with a league of yoga DVDs; thank you, Eoin Finn!) before he summoned the courage to attend a public class in a studio. As a result, his practiced flourished and led to a desire to dive deeply into the teachings of yoga. Joshua completed his 250 hour teacher training in 2009 at The Yoga Sanctuary under the guidance of Cynthia Funk and Karusia Wroblewski. Soon after, he became one of the first teachers in Toronto to be certified in yin yoga by Tracey Soghrati. In 2013 he will have the privilege and honour to mentor the current group of teacher training students. Currently, Joshua is working toward completion of a 300 hour advanced teacher training. He has studied restorative yoga and philosophy with Hali Schwartz, as well as yin yoga with Cathy Keenan. He draws inspired influence from his teachers, including Sarah Powers, Saul David Raye and Pema Chodron. Committed to lifelong learning, Joshua is looking forward to an upcoming teacher training with Matthew Sanford in adapting yoga for disability.

Off the mat, Joshua spends a great deal of time thinking about, preparing and enjoying food. A self-taught foodie alchemist, he can be happily found making his own nut milks, juicing like a fiend, brewing kombucha, dehydrating kale and eating as cleanly and flavourfully as possible! Quiet time is spent on solo pilgrimages to beautiful places and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Joshua’s yoga path is richly supported by the practice of kirtan and bhakti yoga and by an incredible web of family and friends.

“In peace and light, I thank you for sharing your practice with me.”


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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