Naples, FL
United States

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Joshua's classes will encourage and inspire you to see the poses not as the end in themselves but as a tool to challenge you into discovering the true life-changing work of yoga.
My passion to teach rises out of the changes and developments this practice has brought to my life. Early in my journey I discovered AYN in its own infancy. The community and the method provided fertile grounds for developing a regular and devoted yoga practice.

From this devotion to practice came a desire to study. Since then my thirst for knowledge and desire to continue to hone my art has not ceased. While I consider the world and all people my teachers, my first teacher was Amy Lucky who continues to teach and inspire me to this day. Since 2017 I have been studying consistently with Greg Nardi of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide and am humbled to have had the opportunity to work under his direct guidance as I completed a 1500-hour year-long Apprenticeship.


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