Joy Fruehauf

Mill Creek, WA
United States

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I am a passionate teacher of yoga and life. I have been teaching yoga since 2007, and acquired my life coaching certification in 2013. My journey with yoga started in the mid 90's, with a VHS tape I rented titled "Power Yoga" by Buns of Steel! I fell in love with the practice and became a teacher when I realized how much yoga was more than physical discipline.
I received my 200 hr certification through Yoga Works, and have attended numerous workshops, retreats, and continuing education classes since. My most passionate practice is any kind of vinyasa, with yin yoga taking a close second favorite spot.
If there is anything I want to teach students new to yoga - it is to breathe through every part of the practice. The breath moves us through everything, and into what we don't think we can do.
Yoga teaches us discipline, focus, and freedom from the stress of everything outside of us. It will be a life style you can find solitude and great peace.
I am a mother of three amazing human beings, and I absolutely love being outside in the sun, doing just about anything.


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