Joy Sherman

New Haven, CT
United States

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private instruction or groups

Discover how yoga can leave you more relaxed, centered and
calm. Something that frees you from your pain, honors your
limitations, and inspires you to do something good for yourself
everyday is worth investigating.
Kripalu Yoga is based on listening deeply to one's own body.
By intertwining mind, body and energy (prana) you allow the
intuitive healing wisdom (which every body holds) to surface.
Yoga means union and is a 5000 year old tradition people
have explored, towards living a full and healthy life.
Through posture inquiry (asana) and conscious breathing
(pranayama) you then allow for space and opening. When this
occurs, transformation is possible. Imagine sleeping better,
feeling stronger, feeling better and being less stressed in your
Along with postures, Joy provides time for stretching and
thought provoking inquiry into your own self discovery.
Group classes and private instruction available.


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