Juan Muñoz (Puro Yoga)

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A way of life, a search for meaning and a method for finding true health and happiness.

Reduced stress
Improved strength and flexibility
A stronger immune system
Heightened mental clarity and ability to focus
Muscle where it used to feel mushy
Heightened self-confidence and self awareness

A love for what you see when you look in the mirror
A sense of pride in what you are able to accomplish with a little determination and a smile

Remember always

ॐ Don’t be scared. Everyone has a first time.
ॐ Do not eat heavy food two hours before the class, if you need to eat though, a banana or yoghurt is an option.
ॐ Dress comfortably. Avoid heavy cottons and keep your clothing light and fitted, it’s important that I can see your knees.
ॐ Bring a water bottle (don’t drink during the practice), a towel and some warm layers to put on after your class. Drink lots of water before, and especially after to replenish yourself. Your body will love you for it.
ॐ Be on time so that you can start a class in a relaxed way and you do not disturb other people by walking in late.
ॐ Fully invest in the experience. Go to class and leave your outside worries and stresses at the door.
ॐ Don’t base your opinion or judge yourself on your first class. Or second. Or even third.
ॐ Make sure your phone is on silent.
ॐ Have fun!

Do I need to make a reservation?

Consider your space reserved! I can’t wait to see you!
You don’t need to call or email me to make reservations at this time.
All students should be in the yoga room 10 minutes before the class starts.
Drop-ins are welcome all year long.

New students?

More important than your ability level is your enthousiasm to learn.
All classes are open level.
You can use a yoga mat from our studio. However, if you practice yoga for a longer time, you might want to invest in your own yoga mat, as well for hygienic as for energetic purposes.




Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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