Juanita Hebbeln

Boise, ID
United States

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The Laughing Trees laugh yoga located at
2860 Parke Cr. Dr.
Boise, ID 83705
Classes at varied locations
The instructor Juanita Hebbeln teaches laugh yoga which is a low impact breathing and getting the DOSE exercises. The DOSE stands for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. Those are naturally produced chemicals which helps a person to deal with the unavoidable stress of their life. In addition to getting a work out that allows a person to burn calories, participants have experienced more creativity, increased academics, social bonding, cardio health, self confidence and stronger immunity. Simulated laughter is the key behind laugh yoga. Simulated laughter is not the same as stimulated laughter. The body can not tell the difference between simulated and stimulated laughter. Simulated laughter can be sustained longer which can be more beneficial to the over all health of a person.
Come get your DOSE of happiness.
Always consult with your health expert before trying any physical activity.

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Expired Events

  1. Open Your Heart and Letting Love Lead the Way
    1512 North 10th St., Boise ID, US 83702
    May 23
  2. Laugh Yoga Certification Level One Training
    2860 Parke Cir. Dr., Boise ID, US 83705
    Apr 2 to
    Apr 3