Jude Knott

Sydney NSW

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Jude started yoga (commencing with Ashtanga yoga taught by Angelika Knoerzer at North Sydney Yoga School in 1997, who inspired a strong and lasting interest) for improved flexibility and relaxation to counterbalance her passion for long distance running. A permanent running injury and stressful work environment conspired to make yoga more of a priority in her life 10 years ago, following a move to the northern beaches. Here she discovered Fabio Fabbri’s hatha yoga classes and gradually her commitment to practice through his teaching revealed more of the potential that yoga had to offer.

Jude joined the first intake of the yoga teacher training course at A Fine Balance, Mona Vale to simply deepen her knowledge of yoga - with no intention of becoming a teacher. The learning and experience was quite literally ‘transforming ‘and she since felt an obligation to share and pass on the benefits she has received. She appreciates having had the experience of learning from two highly regarded teachers, Fabio Fabbri and Yolande Hyde.

Fabio remained her guide and mentor for several years. She has also been influenced and inspired by the teachings of Christina Pateras, Deb Koch, Maria Kirsten, Melissa Turnock, Nikola Ellis and Connie Robinson - and most profoundly, by and through other students. Jude continues further study online and through workshops leading her towards formalising a study of Yoga Therapy in the near future. She is an advocate of pranayama and meditation being integral to the hatha yoga ‘practice’, particularly since these tools assisted her own return to health following a diagnosis and subsequent treatment for cancer in 2015. She is passionate about the benefits of yoga being available to everyone regardless of age, injury, illness or other perceived limitations.

IN addition to Yoga Jude is passionate about nature and the environment, European languages, reading, growing and eating healthy foods, living sustainably. She is the founder of 'Resolve Yoga', 'Yoga En Plein Air' and 'Disconnect to Reconnect'.


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