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So Grateful!

I just completed my prenatal yoga teacher training with Judit. I had no idea what to expect as I did not know Judit. All I can say is WOW! The training far exceeded my expectations. So detailed with fantastic suggestions & feedback. I truly feel confident to go out and teach prenatal yoga! Thank you, Judit! One of the best experiences of my life!

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It was simply my best decision ever applying for Judit's yoga teacher training. She is able to create such a unique athmosphere owing to her enormous knowledge, great interpersonal skills, vibrant and funny, but in the same time calm and spiritual presence. She focuses on the body, mind and soul of yogi(ni)s attending her classes and trainings and simply makes you go with the flow. She resonates well with her students and helps them to always raise the bar and never stop Learning, as she also does. Both her Vinyasa flow and Prenatal flow Yoga teacher trainings were so special. I highly recommend Judit if you want a once in a lifetime experienced.

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All you need is Yoga with Judit! :)

She has a very professional attitude to yoga teaching along with a playful and challenging approach.
She has a great sense of humor that makes you feel more comfortable in all asanas and inspires you to do your best without extremely pushing yourself into poses. She takes care of your body, mind and spirit. Her classes are well instructed, paying full attention to protect you from injuries.
She is one of a kind teacher and you want to be a better spirit with her guidance. :)
I have been attending her classes since 2014 and just finished her 200 hour yoga teacher training.

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Amazing experience

Judit has a lovely, vibrant personality with good sense of humour and this really comes through in her classes. She made her classes and the teacher training feel like home to home.
I knew I was attending the best teacher training course for me but it exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Judit's courses and classes to everyone.

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Best choice of my life :)

I did a 200 hours yoga teacher training in vinyasa flow style and a one day long course with Judit, and I highly recommend her. She is the kindest, most helpful person, experienced, funny, and always smiling. :) I am forever grateful for the opportunity to meet her and learn from her. Honestly: it was the best decision of my life. Judit's positive personality had so much affect on me, I learned about life, not just about yoga with her, it changed me so much in a very good way. If you have a chance to meet her, practice with her, or do a training with her, don't miss it! :) I am very thankful for her, and can't wait for an other practice or training together... :)

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Expert in physical & spiritual practice alike

Judit is a very experienced yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, who continuously expands her knowledge, and therefore is able to help anyone improve as a yogi or as a yoga teacher.
Her classes always find a healthy balance between physical and spiritual focus, which two enhance each other by creating
synergy. She keeps yogis safe while also offering challenging (more advanced) options so that everyone can grow and improve at their own pace.

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Must try!

The best teacher I'v ever met. Hihgly professional, very experienced and very kind. Her classes are amaizing with a special atmosphere. She is safety oriented, but also guide you through new challanges. You can learn everything from her what you need to be a well-prepered teacher. She taught me more than yoga. She gave me a life experience.

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Judit is a very well-prepared teacher with an enormous knowledge, which she improves continuously. Her classes are always challenging physically, but focused on safety. She gives very clear, and easy to follow instructions. I adore that there is always a spiritual line in classes, which can help me a lot in my everyday life. She is a very creative, kind, accepting, caring person. I recommend from the bottom of my heart to visit any of her classes or courses.

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The friendliest yoga teacher

Judit is the friendliest yoga teacher I've ever practiced with. She always teaches something new I can use not only on the mat but also during the daily life. She's very experienced and really lives yoga.

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Judit is the most proficient and experienced yoga teacher I've ever met. During her classes, she is creating a special (moreover spiritual) atmosphere but at the same time, she has a great sense of humour and she is not afraid to use it. You will learn how to reach but still respect your (current) maximum, but more importantly she helps how you can avoid short and long term injuries. Applying for her Vinyasa teacher training was definitely one of the best decisions in my life.


The training was not only about anatomy, teaching methods, philosophy and physical practice - but it has a huge effect on me and my personal growth.
In case you read these comments cause you are thinking about applying for one of her trainings, here comes the sign! :) Don't hesitate too long, I guarantee you will not regret your decision... it will change your point of view (and actually your whole life).

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So much to learn from - and it's fun!

Judit is one of those people whose knowledge is so profound that she can explain everything simply. If you have the chance to go to a class of hers, you'll find her an amazing guide for your practice, learn exciting bits and pieces of yoga and of yourself. If you have the chance to go on the journey of her 200 hr Yoga TTC, you will learn all you need to become well-founded teacher, but also, it will be a journey of learning who you are.

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I completed my YTT under her guidance and I can relate to that knowledge in my practice, in my teaching and in my every day life ever since. She is clear and safe with instructions, down-to-earth and the kindest soul I've ever met.

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YTT200 Vinyasa Flow

I completed my Vinyasa Flow YTT200 hour course at Power of Now Oasis in Sanur, Bali during February 2017.

The month was one of the best experiences in my life so far. The course content written and delivered by Judit was interesting, comprehensive and delivered in a structured and engaging way.


Judit has a kind and supportive manner and has a knowledge of yoga asana, yoga types, meditation, and philosophy that is second to none. Judit genuinely wants the best for her students and will go out of her way to help them. She is one of the most authentic people I have ever met.

During the month we repeatedly practiced our teaching building from short periods to the final 90 minute public class. This approach enabled me and my fellow students to build up confidence, act on feedback and refine our teaching technique as well as our personal asanas.

If you're considering participating in a teacher training course, then choose Judit Varga.

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The best teacher and friend you could get!

I did a Teacher Training in 2014 with Judit in Bali. I have to say I was quite new to Yoga and she showed me the year before the Teacher Training the world of Yoga. I loved everything about her teaching. I was challenged, I was taken care of and I had lots of fun!!! The Teacher Training (1 month intensive) was one of the best things I have done in my life. I learned so much and Judit was looking after everyone in our group so well.


We became good friends and she is/was a very good mentor for me.

Judit teaching is very safety orientated. She wants to challenge everyone - push them in a way to their limits - but without making too much stress or wanting too much or hurting yourself. The classes are also vey funny bur spiritual with very wise and nice words at the same time.

Highly recommended!
And wait for her voice during Shavasana - you will never want to leave:-)

Until now I have find a better teacher and I am very grateful for the experience with Judit.

Tanja Campo

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great yoga teacher

I have visited Judit's prenatal yoga classes and I got really addicted to it. She is very friendly and her classes are very dynamic and you can experience the flow. Her humor also creates a relaxed atmosphere that I like. After my child was born I came back and visited her regular classes, and they are also amazing!

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Amazing teacher!

I was not really into yoga until I visited Judit's class, and it completely changed my life! She's very practical, kind and knowledgeable. I am happy that I can attend her upcoming 200hr YTT in Palma de Mallorca!

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I am so lucky to have attended Judit's TTC! I learned so much on a spiritual and technical level of yoga. I got so much inspiration for my practice, my teaching and my life. If you join one of her program you’ll surely experience something the same!

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Highly recommended TTC

It was the best choice to complete my teacher training course with Judit!

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Judit is great!

Judit's classes are complex both for your body and soul. I hear some new story on every occasion about yoga philosophy and history or just connections in my body.
I always feel a kind of flow during the class, when i just forget everything and can just focus on the present.
Highly recommended for all vinyasa fans.
U will enjoy!

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Judit is a very special yoga teacher, she has a magic about her teaching that makes us so motivated in every class. The depth of her knowledge of the philosophy, culture, spirituality and practice of yoga is profound. She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes, with the intensity of a vinyasa flow yoga class. I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed.I highly recommend Judit's class to all vinyasa yoga lovers. :)

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Very good workshops

I had a very good time in her workshop, and happy to know her!

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If you want to feel that your yoga teacher channel the exact class you need, choose Judit! She is an expert in it! She is a magician:-) I love her professionalism, her credibility and everything in her teaching style. I am so lucky, that I have the opportunity to participate in her scheduled classes and also in her 200-hour yoga teacher training! ... and just a little hint,-): If you choose her for your teacher training, she will share with you some of her secrets,-) Believe me, it's priceless!!!

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Judit has much exerience and she show me the colorful faces of yoga. Her lessons always give me new challanges so I can feel myself powerful and strong. The meditation and relaxation in the end of her lessons can bring me a new side f my mind.

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Judit has a message and theme prepared for each class, both for your body and mind (or spirit if you wish). I like the structure she builds up and the advices she keeps sharing throughout the lesson. I guess it helps that she mastered in English literature and grammar well before becoming a yoga teacher, but I always thought she has a natural talent in teaching. She is dynamic, fun and very caring. Most recommended, wherever you may find her.

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Judit Varga review

Judit is the best choice if you want a good and safe practice. She is really good in anatomy and has really good instruction. The practice is suitable for everyone, because she tells you modifications. Choose her, because she is the best. :)