Judith Rivero

Manhattan, NY
United States
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Born and raised from humble beginnings in Havana, Cuba, Judith has had a long and rocky path to her practice. Fighting through personal hardships and daily struggles in life, she discovered Yoga, which has since resurrected her body and soul. Motivated by various close friends and incredible teachers in the Miami Beach community, she has been dedicated to elevating her practice and state of awareness on a daily basis. Always striving to achieve the union of the body and mind, which is what yoga is truly all about. She has harvested the ability to remain present and attained an amazing new outlook on her life. Her power radiates from within and she truly desires nothing but to share what she’s learned with others and help them along their path, as she herself travels down hers. Helping them acknowledge that there is no beginning or end to one’s methods and traditionally reminding oneself to accomplish ahimsa (non violence) whether it comes from the emotional or physical form.
With a strong background in sports medicine and fitness her lessons are vigorous, energetic with a strong emphasis on alignment and breath work. Every body is shaped differently and Judith’s goals is to accommodate all levels and break through mental barriers and limitations that we set in ourselves. Let go of any fears or ego and come with an open mind and a willingness to improve your body, which will carry onto every facet of your life.

Classes are all levels shapes or forms.

Week of September 27TH

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