Judith Sugg

Portland, OR
United States

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My life has evolved dramatically from the day I walked into my first yoga class. Yoga started as part of process of healing from serious illness, but it blossomed into a something much more. Today I feel stronger and healthier, as well as more grounded, serene, and happier, than I was 30 years ago.

Finding ways to move, balance, stretch, and strengthen in yoga postures is a really a mirror for the mental and emotional benefits we receive from a regular practice. I've explored many styles of yoga, as diverse as Iyengar, Tri-yoga, and Ashtanga, and I've taught for 20 years in studios, hospitals, and corporations. I teach primarily a vinyasa style, but I love making it the right practice for the individual student, be that more gentle or more challenging.

In my other life, I am a licensed counselor, and I teach psychology, facilitate trainings, and integrate psychology and yoga in workshops. I love travel, my family, my dogs, and being back in Portland.


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