Julia Knight

United Kingdom

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Yoga has always been part of my adult life . From an 18 year old it always felt right for me and has supported and helped me grow. I was 50 recently and yoga has been my rock through different parts of life. I hope to share this fluid quality of Yoga as not one thing but as a way to be more subtley involved in your own life. I have always had a home practice as my bedrock of learning/being immersed in yoga. I am very grateful to have studied with Wonderful teachers whom i have a lot of gratitude for. My first teacher was the lovely Alice Appleton an Iyengar yoga teacher, for 9 years, then when she returned to Law I tried Ashtanga which became a really interesting path of discovery and struggle in equal measure, finding the joy in the gift of the Ujjiyi breath practice, Most recently a 5 day intensive with Donna Farhi helped me reinforce the and stay with the wonder of subtleties of experience in Yoga. I now teach Ashtanga yoga, alongside Yin and Hatha.


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