Julia McCabe Yoga

Vancouver, BC

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Authenticity and passion are two ways of living I hope to always as well as extreme laughter. My medicines are just as human as everyone else around me: friends, good humour, healthy food/air/water/sleep/party/quiet, the quirks of life and remembering that magical serendipity exists as much as the quiet of monotony.

Teaching yoga happens to be my platform expressing all of these. Between Whistler, Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Bali and Nicaragua - I have found my home with the hearts of many students and friends who have tucked me under their wings, rooftops and allowed me in as their teacher and friend.

I hold two to three trainings annually at the 200 & 300Hr levels not only to teach people how to teach but to live an expansive, better life.

Mandatory props to my past teachers: Patrick Creelman, Paul Dallaghan, Ana Forrest and many more who have taught me technique and courage through both modernity and tradition.