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Ubud Bali

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I was born on a snowy Monday morning in kidding, let`s fast forward :) After a peaceful childhood, I had no idea what to do with my life when I turned 18 and had to make a decision about my future. As the child of academics, university seemed like the best otipon so I became a Horticultural Engineer and did my major in Herbal and Medicinal Plants. After a few jobs that never brought what I was hoping for, I moved to Manchester, England at 24 and started working hard to build financial stability for myself. During this time I started doing yoga - my best friend said I can do 10 minutes of yoga at home from youtube, so I gave it a try. The daily 10 minutes slowly became 20 - 30 - 45 - 60 - then 90 minutes or more. I was hooked. A few months in and I knew I wanted to know more, go deeper and potentially teach! I had a crazy year of saving every penny I could and finally made it to India to my 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training in April 2017. 

Everything has changed. The life I lived has suddenly seemed different. The relationship I was in suddenly felt different. The diet I was following suddenly changed. My yoga practice has suddenly took a 180 degree turn. Don`t get me wrong, no magic has happened visibly and I had no idea what to do when I came out of training, but these changes started brewing deep inside me and they were unstoppable. Slowly slowly the changes took place in my life - they came with a lot of overcoming fears, letting go of ideas I was holding onto. They also came with a lot of risks, tears, but also laughter and feeling of liberation.

And this is how the `Living in Bali` chapter happened in January 2018. One backpack, one suitcase, and a very scared chick arrived to the `Land of Gods`. I started working for a company, organising yoga teacher trainings and assisting on them. The more time I spent at trainings, the more I felt a calling to lead people towards a mindful practice of asana, and the kind of yoga that pulls you back from your inner chatter & the business of life, and puts you in a state of bliss. The bliss that`s within you, waiting to be lived BY YOU. So here I am, now organising workshops and retreats around the world, to bring you physical aligment in your body and bliss to your soul.


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