Julia Shaw

United Kingdom
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Local friendly and welcoming yoga classes. For the beginner and for those with less than two years practice. Scaravelli inspired yoga.

Also Pregnancy BIRTHLIGHT yoga classes - twice a year

1.2.1 yoga in your own home in and around Uig - 1.5 hours = £35

Also experienced and well trained counsellor for over 25 years.

Reiki Master. I hold attunements twice a year here in the Outer Hebrides.


I have a lively sense of humour and am also a qualified Mindfulness psychotherapist/counsellor. I trained others to become Counsellors for 12 years. I can skillfully and carefully work with anyone who is struggling with emotions that can arise during yoga practice and help them understand them - without engaging in the content of their emotions.

I understand that students need simple and clear instruction and guidance. I am careful about not using too much music in a yoga class, encouraging students instead to go inside themselves without too much external distraction. Music is played at the beginning of class so that students can ‘enter’ into a ‘veil’ of simple background sounds. And the same at the end, as they ‘re-enter’ their world. I believe my strongest skill is noticing the complete beginner who is nervous and unsure. If students receive a more than good enough experience on their first few sessions, they are more likely to re-engage with yoga again and again. I encourage students to offer me feedback if they wish.

I am also a qualified Pregnancy BIRTHLIGHT yoga teacher. I absolutely deter pregnant students from joining a regular yoga class as I have seen just how much we can nurture them in a class just for them. I have worked with MS students, visually impaired, children and special needs adults. I have a son with special needs, I truly understand the challenges.

I am from Derbyshire and held many classes there. I am back in other home in the Outer Hebrides, the Isle of Lewis. Scotland, UK. A truly spiritual place and my sanctuary. Standing at the edge of the Atlantic by ancient Standing Stones below a sky where the stars are so close, is just glorious! I aim to bring some of that magic into the classes as you explore your yogic journey. I call myself a Buddhist, but still have so so much to learn.

We ask that you provide your own mat. This means your own energy is absorbed into the mat and you can also use it at home. Please bring a blanket with you for the relaxation and a small pillow. As the weeks unfold you will look forward to your yoga more and more.



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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