Julia Shaw Slow Yoga Online

Timsgarry, Uig
Isle of Lewis
United Kingdom

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Hello. Are you looking for a more simple and less complicated yoga style that is not stressful to your joints? First class with me is free. No bookings or payments taken on Yogatrail, but you can do so on my website.

I was always confused about which style or form of Yoga really suits me and then I discovered Scaravelli-inspired. Vanda Scaravelli never wanted her yoga to be named after her, so we always have to say "Scaravelli-inspired".

I know you are probably hoping for a face to face yoga class - but still due to Covid I am only offering Online yoga via Zoom. Its not the same, and we have to adapt our lesson plans to suit the fact we are not in the room with you to make adjustments etc. But there is no driving home afterwards!!

However, Slow Yoga is what I offer. I am not part of the fitness industry [I used to be!!!], I no longer agree with all that bendy stuff and unnecessary over stretching. Slow Yoga is a small niche market and it requires your upmost attention as well as intention. Slow Yoga is not the same as Gentle Yoga. Slow can be challenging!

Everyone would benefit from this simple uncomplicated style where mindfulness is well and truly the main intention. Just plain straight forward instructions from me. So, instead of spreading your mat out, jumping in and out of some yoga poses you will have to SLOW DOWN so you can sense deep into your tissues. Allow your body to make its own, safe, micro adjustments from deep within and build a more robust resilience for your nervous system [see the work done by Kristine Kaoverii in the US].

Your first class with me is free, and if you do prefer the more power/fitness styles of yoga, you might find your Sun Salutations have improved!!!

Classes are 1.5 hours. £10 Pay As You Go or £32.00 monthly.

You can email me on

Visit my website for more information and to book etc :


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