Julian Calvo

Sydney NSW
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Julian has been obsessed and in love with yoga for almost 30 years.
He has experienced numerous styles of yoga and together with his dayly practice he searches for new ways of travelling through the this knowledge ,many years ago, he began teaching his classes with the aim of empowering his students with more of an understanding on how to progress through the different levels of a yoga pose and in so doing help to minimise the chances of physical


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

20 Reviews

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In wise hands

Julian is not one of those teachers who shows you what amazing things he can do. He is a wise and experienced teacher who helps you achieve what you can do. He remembers the journey and helps you fibd your way through the stages of your development. He is calm and firm and treats every student as an individual and with respect.

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Starting classes with Julian was my best decision in 2020

For years I have heard yoga teachers talk about what an amazing teacher Julian is and late last year, I summoned up the courage (not being anywhere near the same level) to try his classes.
It was the best decision I made in 2020.
Julian is a very generous and detail-oriented teacher. He spends a lot of time watching and analysing his students' movements, working out the areas of tightness and constriction, and then coming up ways to alleviate these.
Julian's classes are always extremely varied and enjoyable.
And after a while - when you discover that you can now do a pose that previously seemed impossible - you realise the full extent of Julian's brilliance.

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Body and Brain Workout

I thoroughly enjoy Julian’s classes! He has a very unique teaching style... he never demonstrates or names a pose, instead ... he gives instructions so that first you brain needs to interpret the instructions before your body can create the pose. As a retired chiropractor and a PhD candidate in the area of nutrition education for children, I can honestly say... this is a Very, very clever teaching style.
I love it!

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The teacher that takes you to YOUR top level

I am a remedial therapist, conscientious of my fitness and diet and spirituality. I have been going to Julian for yoga for about 8 years. I heard of him from a close friend of mine who is also an experienced yoga teacher. Not only is he knowledgeable, intuitive and caring, he also takes me to a higher and higher levels, all done by my actions. And he has a great sense of humour. He is the best yoga teacher I have had.

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Back Pain

I am a newcomer to Julian and to yoga in general. As an inflexible middle aged male I started to develop serious back pain and was beginning to consider surgical options. Luckily I was referred to Julia and I began one-on-one classes twice a week. Julian has taught me the importance of movement, flexibility and connection to deal with lower back pain and an aging body in general. I have gone from having difficulty getting out of bed to no longer feeling chronic back pain.


I am also feeling lighter and stronger through following Julian’s routines and am developing better lifestyle habits as a result of my regular yoga sessions. Julian is patient but also serious about challenging me. It is also fun and we always have a laugh. I would highly recommend Julian to anyone with back and chronic pain issues. Thank you Julian!

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Very calm. Very effective.

Even when you get an instruction 100% wrong, Julian makes it feel like you only need a minor adjustment

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A colleague's observations

I'm co- director of the Australian School of Yoga, founded by Martin Jackson in 1979...one of the longest established and well-respected schools in Sydney.

I have been a constant practitioner as well as a yoga teacher since 1973.

My association with Julian Calvo spreads well over 30 years. I observed him from the time when he became keenly interested in the practice of yoga to the present day.


After many years of devoted practice to this art, he has matured into an astute and very creative teacher. By observing the abilities of his students, he formulates a class to cater for their physical needs. Julian does not prepare his classes, he prefers to improvise and let his creativity take over and in so doing keeps challenging his teaching techniques allowing inspiration to guide him. His students are encouraged to maintain the presence of mind as there isn't a routine as such.

His classes are a mystical experience; participation is highly recommended.

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shoulder stand at 60

For the first time in my life I managed to do a shoulder stand pose at the age of 60, thanks to Julian and his perseverance with me. I highly recommend his sessions for the young and for the more mature. Leila Bishara

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Julian is just amazing - a treasure in the world of yoga today. He has a remarkable ability of reading and assessing each student, knowing exactly what everybody needs to do to reach their point in the pose. I love his classes. A perfect blend of wisdom, humour, genuine yogic knowledge and best of all, absolute humility. His intuition is astounding, enabling him to create a different class every time. I’ve studied with Julian for over 10 years and have never done the same sequence twice. I’m a yoga teacher and so have tried many teachers, and I’ve never found this elsewhere. I highly recommend his classes. With many thanks, Julian.

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From a strength perspective

I have been integrating Julian's progressive Yoga techniques for over 2 years since i made the personal investment and wise choice of learning his mastery techniques.

Having come from a strength background and as a fitness trainer for over 13 years, Julian's yoga has slotted wonderfully into not only my own exercise routine but those of my clients who have reaped immediate benefits of Julian's yoga techniques

For those out there seeking true body symmetry and a deeper understanding of their own body then look no further than this wise yoga sage.


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Old school in the best possible way

Julian is a revelation, he meets you at the point your body is at and guides you to a deeper place. It is an authentic, detailed, physical practice that relies on his presence and voice. His calm manner and quiet humour make every class joyful and fun. He caters for all levels in his classes by using kramas (levels) starting simply and evolving through movement to allow each student to find their point. Both experienced and new students would benefit from his thorough understanding of breath, bandhas and the body.
In 14 years of yoga practice and 5 of teaching in Australia and overseas, he is one of my favourite teachers and the one that has helped to shape a practice that is strong, and free from injury.

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"The Real Deal"

Julian is the original and the best. He has been practising and teaching yoga for much longer than it's been fashionable. He knows how to make you work hard and how to have fun. He is TRULY humble (which is why you may not have heard of him) but for those 'in the know' he is a masterful secret. I have been training with Julian for nearly 20 years now, he has been my main inspiration for a lifetime of yoga practise and teaching. Get along to experience a real life 'Yoda' (they even laugh the same).

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Biomechanical intuitive genius

I currently manage a health facility in Sydney, have lectured at UTS in Health Education and have 24 years experience in the Fitness Industry. I have also been involved in many extraordinary workshops with incredible practitioners such as Dan Millman, Thomas Myers, Kit Laughlin and I have no hesitation in likening Julian Calvo to these profound movers and shapers in health. Julian has an intuition like inspirational poetry with the human body.


I witness him each week moving individual yoga practitioners to new possibilities with their own system (body). I have never observed Julian do a 'one size fits all' class, he caters to every individual body effortlessly. He is truly a gifted practitioner, incredible to watch and an asset in every aspect. Michelle Rogers MEd BEd Cert. Rehabilitation Lvl 3 PT

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My special teacher

After a year and half of searching for that special yoga teacher....I came across Julian's yoga classes.....I immediately related to his calm and compassionate teaching manner..I maintained attending group classes for about 3 years when I decided that private classes would be more my chosen path....well over a decade later I know that I made the right decision.In all this time Julian has displayed an amazing ability to understand body movements as well as the ability to dissect traditional yoga poses....I would recommend without any hesitation private yoga classes for anyone who feels the need for a more personal situation..

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Very experienced, insightful teacher. Fantastic classes.

Julian's classes get in to places of your body you never new existed. He is excellent at guiding you to help take your practice to a higher level. I love his classes.

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The Godfather of Yoga

I met Julian 10 years ago. After trying many Yoga schools throughout Sydney, Julian sets a new benchmark for a truly enriching experience for all people of all levels.

He has mastered this art through life experience, and that is the difference.

Julian is a very spiritual, intelligent humble man. His classes are challenging both physically and spiritually. He knows exactly what is going on inside the minds and bodies of every single student.

There is no plan or formula to his method. He improvises and reads his students.
Every class is something different, new and challenging. There are no predictions or routines.

You always finish savasana feeling like you got what you came for.

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Always challenging, always unique, smiling and humble

Julian is a superb yoga teacher. I have been attending his classes for almost 5 years and over this time have been able to start connecting with areas of my body that were previously dormant. Julian never goes through the same pattern of movements twice. His teaching style is truly unique as he talks you through the movements that he is visualising in his mind.


No amount of teacher training could lead you to Julian's understanding, his teaching is informed by the decades he has spent challenging his own body.

Julian's teaching style embraces both strength and flexibility. He uses props where required, from wall ropes to chairs, bolsters, blocks and blankets. Lack of routine is what is most challenging about the classes and what makes them so invigorating. You never know where the lesson sequence will lead. I have found that this teaches your mind to concentrate on the current pose or position you are attempting and not to wander.

I feel truly lucky to have found a teacher like Julian. Yoga is an ongoing challenge to your body and mind. In the same way, Julian's teaching is an ongoing process you feel he is working through in order to best shape his student's awareness of their abilities and limitations and to challenge both.

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My yoga ephiphany!

After dipping in to different classes and short courses over the years, a happy accident led me to one of Julian's classes one evening. It was like an epiphany for me - I felt elated after the class like I had finally found where I was meant to be. Julian is an amazing teacher who understands the body and mind so well that he gives you the tools to be able to discover and learn for yourself.


I love that I am always challenged in a class and that in every class I realise something new about myself. Julian doesn't demonstrate yoga poses, he verbalises everything so that you have to mentally concentrate in order to connect it with your body movements. He does all this with such ease and good humour that it has made yoga such an enjoyable and essential part of my life!

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Rejuvenating, all encompassing, unique yoga style

I work as a sports coach and have been practicing yoga myself for about 20 years. In that time have explored numerous styles and techniques and I can honestly say that Julian Calvo's yoga classes are the the best I have ever experienced. Julian is an insightful teacher with with an innate ability to adapt his classes to suit each and every student who enters his studio. He has a vast depth of knowledge and a wonderfully individual style that combines aspects of a range of yoga techniques.


He has a safe approach with descriptive instructions that allow his students to connect personally with each pose and explore a unique journey to understanding their individual physical capabilities. Julian's classes are a complete physical workout that leave you feeling entirely rejuvenated. I cannot recommend them enough!

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The Original Yogi

I have been doing yoga with Julian on and off for 15 years and he is, without a doubt the best yoga teacher in Sydney. Julian came to yoga, doing his own long and regular practise before yoga had been much heard of in Australia….before yoga was 'fashionable'!


As a Kinesiologist I have some sense of body awareness but Julian's awareness continues to astound and impress me. His classes are a mixture of a challenging and delightful experience, as he asks the students to step up and work to their full potential, but always with lightness, humour and total respect for each individual. At the conclusion of the class I feel open, centred and still. Such a gift. Whatever age, body type or level of ability you are, there is always a place for you here.
I highly recommend you try Julian's classes for yourself….don't miss the opportunity of learning from a very wise master.