Juliane Siri Sampuran Kaur

United Kingdom

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Juliane Siri Sampuran Kaur is the founder of The Yogatherer.

She has practised kundalini yoga for over 15 years. She did one year teacher training while being pregnant, and attending pregnancy yoga classes. Three weeks before giving birth she was awarded an International Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certified by KRI in 2010.
Then she attended post-natal classes, mum & Baby yoga, toddler & mum yoga, and was certified as children yoga teacher in 2015.

She has over 15 years of experience working with children in various settings such as schools, holiday camps and children yoga. She has coordinated and developed the children Camp at the Great British Yoga Festival from 2015-18, where she laid new foundations and proudly achieved to raise standards and expectations for its lineage to take over.
As well, she has delivered a yoga training day to Primary School Teachers, to include Yoga and Mindfulness in the classroom to support lessons' delivery.
You can find her leading adult and children yoga workshops for very large crowd in many festivals for the last 3 years, such as Into the Wild, Vegan yoga Festival, Barefoot Festival, etc.
Occasionally she runs workshops merging yoga and therapeutic grade essential oils, that balance the mind and body for optimal functioning and homeostasis. She is a certified Aromatouch practitioner working with DoTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, that she also uses for healing, beauty, yoga and mindfulness.
She is drawn to holistic health and teach classes about the use of the oils as a Nature’s medicine cabinet substitute, to empower people to treat their basic ailments naturally without over reliance on pharmaceuticals. This also includes the reduction of the toxicities of our home and a holistic life style to maximize our self healing abilities.

She endeavours to always learn new skills, and she has trained in:
*Tai Yoga massage.
*Neurobiology, Mental Health and Meditation 100 hours vocational course, with the Yogologist accredited by Yoga Alliance.
*Vibrational Medicine and Chakras training with Twin Eagle Collective at Stevenage Alternative.
In her free time she sings with Shakti Sings Choir and sometimes participates in public performances.
She teaches still life drawing classes.
She is a self-taught in health, nutrition, EFT and anything that supports her growth.
Finally, she has also expanded her financial education with the exploration and co-creation of alternative economics, which is an important part of her work.
She endeavours to walk each steps on her journey with alignment, grace and fun.


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