Juliane Wimmer

United Kingdom

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My experience of Yoga has been a dramatically transformative and grounding journey. It has been an incredible tool to navigate through many storms and confusing places. It has empowered me into dealing with life' s challenges with more grace and confidence. I did the Teacher Training because I wanted to keep this life skill wherever I would go. In the process I shifted from being led by my reasoning to being led by my heart. I let go off many fears and conditioning. My head became the servant instead of the master, and a whole new world of possibilities took place. Also three weeks after completing the teacher training, I was blessed with a child, and I was reborn as a mother. My Yoga Teacher Training was definitely not as significant than our Births, but it was interwoven in this journey. I dedicated these last 5 years to my personal development as a parent, learning as my child grows. Now that my child is more independent, my purpose is calling for teaching Yoga. It is said that if you want to learn something, you have to teach it! I have a urge to commit to this discipline and to share this much needed technology.


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