Julie Cadman

Edmonton, AB

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I have been fascinated and wildly connected to the mind blowing practices of yoga the moment I discovered the ancient science in all its depth. These techniques gifted to us are truly keys to optimal health on multiple levels including the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies. We have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out! I find this to be so empowering on its own not to mention that within this truth, the ability to heal our faded connection to our Earth as well as to each other is apparent. Unity so vast and dynamic is possible and begins within the self with a simple, conscious and deep breath.
I am driven to share the things I have come to know through my own consistent practice with others. I find that the bond created between myself and those who share their practice with me is always built upon mutual growth and discovery.
I enjoy teaching full classes although I find more meaning teaching in intimate settings like workshops or one on one sessions. It allows the information I am sharing to be catered to each person and their unique needs regarding their practice and why they choose to engage with it. This is where the true healing occurs.


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