Julie Dittmar

Seattle, WA
United States

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Julie Dittmar is one of the top-selling meditation guides in the Her relaxation CDs have been featured on PBS, and are enjoyed around the world.

And, as a certified viniyoga teacher (gentle, therapeutic, adaptive yoga) and sound healer, she specializes in inviting us into awakening to our true nature, opening the heart space to discover a love that has no end, stress-relief, and in gentle, peaceful, restorative relaxation that unwinds the overstimulated nervous system.

Her offerings often include diving deeply into the breath (pranayama), healing mantras, sacred chants, Tibetan bowls, bells, didgeridoo, with many laughs along the way. Her playful, joyful approach inspires living more fully in the experience of the body in a more expressive, open, free, and loving way.


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