Julie Downey

Houston, TX
United States

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Athletic or not, if you got up this morning wishing you could feel as strong and limber as you did 15 years ago, you can!

Call now (713) 906-4487 and Learn How to Eliminate Chronic Pain and Become Stronger than you ever thought possible with the Simple System I use to help "Elite Athletes Double their Speed and Reduce and Minimize Injury".

If you're a High School, College, or Lifelong Athlete and you need the techniques that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be - learn the keys that will 'Keep you on the Field', 'Keep you in the Game', and 'Give you a chance to 'Be a Star' with my Proven Method.

This is the same method I use in my yoga classes for Veterans at the VA Hospital in Houston, Texas.

"Feel the Difference" in as little as ONE Private Lesson where I'll Troubleshoot with you and show you how to:
*End Hip Pain & Stiffness
*Unwind Your Tight Aching Back
* Eliminate Nagging Neck & Shoulder Pain
*Erase Anxiety & Stress
*Breathe Easier
*Relax & Sleep Through The Night

Hi, I'm Julie Downey, and I've been teaching yoga in Houston since 2003.

We all face the same problems, and you don't have to be an athlete to work with me.

In our sessions I'll calmly walk you through the same step-by-step process that I use when working with Elite Athletes. This system quickly gets you back to your normal activities again with the added bonus of feeling young, strong and pain free.

Because it's customized to you and easy to follow, you'll see IMMEDIATE results, saving you weeks, months, honestly years of time.

I've worked with the players one-one-one and as the team yoga instructor for the Houston Texans, The Houston Rockets and developed a custom routine for the Green Bay Packers. I've worked for various teams at The University of Houston and Rice including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track and many others; maximizing player sports performance and minimizing injury with customized yoga exercises.

One thing is true, if you wait, if you do nothing at all, your pain stays the same, or gets worse. I'd like to help bring you back to feeling young, strong and sexy again. Learn the Break Through Strategy You Need - Limited Spots in September & October. Book Yours Now - Call 713-906-4487.


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