Julie Fowler (nee Swart)

South Africa

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Upon returning to SA, she signed up for some pole fitness classes as a new form of exercise to help remove the unwanted weight. From that point onwards, she was hooked. This was the start of her career in the fitness world! She started her own company Vertical Vixen ® in Johannesburg and 5 years on, decided to embark on a new journey in Aerial Yoga ®.

Julie decided to pursue further training in yoga and offer it as an additional new service to her current fitness classes. She registered for a Vinyasa Yoga course with Living Yoga in 2009.

Shortly after she started her training, she was introduced to a new form of yoga via YouTube, Aerial Yoga. This was just up her alley, a new form of aerial arts incorporating yoga, strength training and conditioning… all the things she had come to love in fitness. She took a leap of faith, jumped on aeroplane and went to NY to do the Unnata® Aerial Yoga teacher training course with Michelle Dortignac.

This new form of yoga still maintains the traditional roots of yoga but adds a new prop to support the entire body.

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