Julie Laurent

Atlanta, GA
United States
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Akhanda Yoga Instructor
Coming from France, adventurous soul, a few years ago, Julie made the choice of evolution. Deep inside she knew she was more than just her body. Yoga philosophy came as a revelation and the practice of asanas (poses), pranayama, make her feel good physically and also shift her perception of life to a wider angle.
By creating a supporting and nourishing environment, Julie allows students to experiment their own body with joy and witness their mind with breath.
She brings fun and confidence to invite students in letting go of fears and doubts and dive into the bliss of being truly themselves on the mat as well as in their daily life.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great Teacher

Julie is a warm friendly and very experienced teacher. She seems extremely knowledgeable, and yet is accessable for beginners as well. In addition to her classes, I've taken a workshop from her. She was organized, gave hand-outs and great informatiion, and brought it all together with hands-on demonstrations and chances to practice. I would recommend Julie highly.

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T5T Workshop

Julie is an excellent teacher. Her commitment to T5T and yoga practice is without question. She gives alternative poses so that everyone can be safe and enjoy the benefits. Julie is a joy to have as a teacher.

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Always Bubbly, Always Excellent

I have taken classes with Julie and participated in a workshop with her as well. She is always friendly and smiling and has a great energy. She is very knowledgeable about all of the 8 limbs of yoga, not only the asanas. She does not only focus on the physical, but gives us information on how the poses are beneficial to us spiritually and emotionally as well. Her goal is to make everyone better, not only at the physical poses, but in every aspect of their lives. I love her classes.